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Our mission is to help families enjoy life. You get the best quality of service and attention to detail whether you find your own au pair or if you want us to do the searching for you. 


The newest full-service Au Pair Agency, IND approved sponsor au pair agency in the Netherlands!

We're the only agency where you get instant free access to our extensive babysitter network across the country to cover holidays, illnesses, and trips to see family. Time to get some peace back in your family life and even go out for dinner sometimes. We've got you! Warm regards and call us any time! Jasmijn Kok, Au Pair agent the Netherlands

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Advantages of having an Au pair

  1. Peace and balance for working parents
  2. Kids feel safe at home while you are out
  3. Affordable childcare with maximum flexibility
  4. Playdates, cooking, and driving to hobbies possible.
  5. Free use of babysitting service with holiday and last-minute backup nanny
  6. Your children learn about other languages. 

adventages of having an au pair in icons. peace and balance. Kids are free and safe at home. affordable childcare playdates and cooking all possible. Free use of babysit service and your children learn about new languages and cultures.







General conditions for the au pair exchange program

  • Open to young people aged 18 - 31 on their first visit to NL.
  • Maximum stay of one year. Host families provide a private room and all meals.
  • Au pair can do light household work including childcare up to 8 hours per day.
  • Maximum 30 hours per week.Minimum 2 days off a week.
  • Minimum one full weekend off per month.Minimum 2 weeks holiday per year.
  • A 7-day plan is completed weekly.
  • Maximum 340 euros pocket money per month incl. holidays and illness.
  • Minimum 10 euros monthly phone allowance.
  • Host family get Au pair insurance + basic health insurance
  • A course introducing the au pair to Dutch language or culture.
  • A visa/residence permit (if not an EU citizen)
  • The au pair is not solely responsible for the light domestic work.
  • The au pair is not providing specialist care.
  • Au Pair Awareness Declaration signed by the host family.
  • Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency ensures all conditions are met.

Au pair in Amsterdam at a Dutch bike picking up the kids and driving them to sports and hobbies





Cost overview for an Au Pair

Prices table cost overview au pair

Example of monthly costs for a 12-month stay

  • Agency administration costs €59 (EU) or €69 (non- EU)
  • Basic health insurance €110
  • Mandatory Dutch course ( Au Pair academy) €0
  • Transport card (Free weekends + 40% off ) €36
  • Stipend or pocket money €340

Total costs per month €545 (EU) or €555 (non-EU)

One time payments

  • Visa application IND €174 (EU) or €288 (non-EU)
  • TBC test* €80 (non EU)
  • Administration payment NN #nocurenopay €1800 (EU) or 1900 (non EU)

Total one-time payments €1974 (EU) or €2268 (non-EU)

Discount if you find your own au pair -€500

Optional costs per month

  • Mobile telephone €35 per month
  • Museum / Pathe cinema card €59 per year
  • Extra Isis Au pair insurance €34 per month
  • In addition to the mandatory basic health insurance, you can also get au pair insurance. This would mean that your au pair is insured when traveling and you are covered if something gets damaged at home.
  • The au pair pays for her flight to you and you pay for her flight back at the end of her stay. ~€500
  • Rematch fee if your au pair leaves €800

Host family income requirements

In order to support an application for an au pair, the IND has financial conditions for the host family. 

Independent income means taxes and/or benefit contributions are paid on it.

Sustainable income means payments are expected for a longer period ~12mos.

Sufficient income means it is at least 1.5 * the minimum wage in the Netherlands in a two-parent household.


Required amounts valid from 1 January 2020 until 30 June 2020

Host family of a married/unmarried couple living together ​

  • Sv-loon per month without holiday allowance ​€ 2,480.40​​​​​​
  • Sv-loon per month with holiday allowance​ € 2,678.84​

Host family of a single parent 

  • ​​Sv-loon per month without holiday allowance € 1,984.32​​​​​​​
  • Sv-loon per month with holiday allowance​ € 2,143.07

Source: https://ind.nl/en/Pages/income-requirements-au-pair.aspx

Au pair requirements

What to ensure if you've found your own au pair:

  • the au pair is not related to your family in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree
  • the au pair has not paid any money to an intermediary agency
  • the au pair has not had a resident permit for exchange purposes in the Netherlands before.

Source: https://ind.nl/en/exchange/Pages/Au-pair.aspx

Whether you find your own au pair or meet the right person through Nanny Nina, these are some documents needed for a successful application:

  • legal passport valid for the entire duration of the stay
  • an apostille stamped birth certificate
  • a declaration of good conduct
  • a medical certificate

Your au pair must love kids!

We choose au pairs with great care

  • so that your children will have a positive influence in their lives.
  • Someone who they can have a laugh with and isn't afraid to be silly.
  • Someone they like to have around!
  • An au pair should be a trustworthy and caring person who knows how to draw boundaries to keep your kids safe.
  • Someone who knows when to enforce rules and when to make space for creative fun!
  • Someone you would want your kids to be around.

Nanny Nina au pair screening process

1. Intake form

  • personal details
  • previous experience
  • expectations

2. Reference Check

  • speak to 2 previous employers/hosts
  • verify claims in the form

3. Photo ID check

  • validity of passport
  • eligibility to travel
  • IND requirements

4. Certificate of Conduct

  • police check
  • good conduct rating
  • child protection 

5. Au pair Personality test

  • suitability for the au pair program
  • match to a family

6. Video call with the au pair

  • personal interview
  • real-time responses
  • assess language level

What if you have already found your ideal au pair?

  • Nanny Nina is committed to offering the same level of care and attention to your own candidate.
  • We walk you through every step of the process so your family has a stress-free experience. Getting an au pair to your door is the easy part.
  • We contact your au pair and get all the documents needed for the IND. We get to know her and offer advice if needed.
  • Before she arrives, she will receive an information pack giving her all the practical tips needed to be your number 1 support!
  • We offer her language training and guides to make her stay a truly outstanding cultural exchange.
  • We try to keep things sweet between you by checking in regularly. Just call!

Timeline of how long it takes until your au pair arrives

It can take between 3 weeks and 3 months from the first contact to the arrival of your au pair. 2 months on average.

how long does it take before the au pair can arrive? in this image you find a timelime with the moment of starting the process until 2 to 3 months later and your au pair arrives at the airport.

How it works with an au pair

  1. Find an au pair yourself or through Nanny Nina and get to know them.
  2. Nanny Nina takes care of all the paperwork including a residence permit if needed. The IND usually processes applications in 2 weeks.
  3. Your au pair books a ticket and flies to you!


On arrival of your au pair in the Netherlands

  1. Collect the residence permit if required from an IND Desk.
  2. Register with the local Gemeente to receive a BSN to open a bank account. 
  3. Take Passport, proof of address, contract, and 'Apostille' birth certificate.
  4. Get the TB test done at a GGD clinic if required. Take the referral form.
  5. Get basic health insurance within 4 months through ZEKUR insurance, for example. You can also get au pair insurance. This would mean that your au pair is insured when traveling and you are covered if something gets damaged at home.

timeline what you need to do when your au pair arrives in the netherlands

What does Nanny Nina offer after the au pair arrives?

As an IND recognized sponsor, Nanny Nina will fulfill several duties.

Administration: We ensure that all documents are returned or filed responsibly as per data protection laws. We also check the weekly plan is being completed.

Communication: We aim to make the legal requirements clear and easy to follow by communicating in writing and providing a detailed Au Pair Guide.

Care: We maintain weekly contact and visit every other month but always feel free to contact us!

Confidentiality: We treat every conversation and email as confidential. There will be a few struggles especially around the 12-week mark when homesickness starts to set in but we are here for you and your au pair. We will not take sides but offer support in a timely and relevant manner.

Cultural exchange: We also host a welcome training session so your au pair can meet other au pairs and be introduced to life in the Netherlands. We can organize day trips and create a buddy system with one of our Dutch babysitters so the au pair can practice Dutch and be around someone her own age occasionally!

Education: Through the Nanny Nina Academy, your au pair takes a First Aid course and can choose a number of valuable workshops or online courses on topics as diverse as Childhood Nutrition, Beginner's Dutch, Bike Safety, and the all-important Communication Strategies.

Duty of information: We are required to notify the IND of any change in your family situation or the au pair's circumstances. For example, if you have moved house, changed your civil status, got a new job or the au pair moves out or starts a university course.


You get free access to our babysitting network when you get an au pair through Nanny Nina.



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