Looking for a nice and reliable sitter?

A flexible babysitter for your occasional evening or day out

Is the neighbour not available again? Does your favourite babysitter have a "party" to go to, or do you not always want to ask your parents? We have the solution for you: a lovely screened babysitter in your area! You may first get acquainted with your new babysitter (for free) because we know how important that is! From then on you can book the same babysitter as much as you want!

image of a group of 12 babysitters that are trained to work with the babysit app.the sun is shining and they are smiling.

How to book your nanny

Step 1: Place your babysitter request below or in the app

Step 2: You will receive 3 profiles of screened, fun babysitters within one hour who would like to babysit for you

Step 3: Choose your babysitter based on profile, experience and photo

Step 4: Babysitter is arranged!

Read more and book via the link: https://nannynina.nl/af-en-toe-oppas#/

What do you get?

❤️ Screened, reliable babysitters in your area

📱Pay easily via the app

⏰ Last minute: book up to 30 minutes in advance or call your city captain!

🌟Save your favourite babysitter, and the system will always ask her first #supernice