Your reliable babysitter on fixed days in the week?

Nanny Nina arranges it for you!

We can help you find your sweet and fixed nanny who can pick the kids up from school, and drive them to sport classes.

nanny having dinner with the babysit children, she cooked and is now waiting for the family to arrive home

We have 3 types of babysitters for the day!

👧 Nanny (babysitter at home, no diploma required)

👩‍🦳 Professional nanny (babysitter at home, diploma required and allowance possible)

👩‍🦰 Au pair (lives at home, babysitter from abroad)

What is a Nanny?

A nanny works with your family on set days during the day. She can pick up the children from school, or look after them all day and does not need a specific diploma to work. She stays with your family for a long time and you can pay her easily through our app.

What do you pay a nanny per hour?

In the Netherlands, you pay a babysitter on average between 8 and 12.50 per hour. In addition, you also pay the babysitter service . The height of our service is dependant on how many days a week you have a nanny.

Does a nanny also help with household chores?

Yes, a nanny can also help with small tasks. You can expect your nanny to help with the laundry or dishwasher. Some ladies are willing to help with cleaning and ironing. It is best to discuss this with your nanny. Be prepared for having to pay a higher hourly fee of around 15 euros per hour.

Do you receive childcare allowance for a nanny?

You will not receive governmental support for a nanny. If you want to receive the government allowance then you must have a professional nanny! This is only possible from 20 hours care per week. Read more about a professional nanny:

When do I need a nanny?

Are you looking for a babysitter at home who can pick up the children and take them to sports? Or would you like your children to be able to have " play dates" after school? Then a nanny is a good idea!

What if the nanny is sick?

There are two "waiting days" in which you do not pay the nanny. If she remains ill afterwards, you are required by law to pay 70% of her income for 6 weeks.

Do you arrange a replacement if the nanny is sick?

This is exactly what you pay for with us: We will arrange a screened reliable replacement nanny if your regular babysitter leaves or is sick. You don't have the stress of finding a replacement or solution.

What if my children are sick, does the nanny still come?

Yes, don't worry! The nanny just comes and takes good care of your sick little one!

What are the benefits of a nanny?

  • No more stress in the mornings because your children will stay at home! You just have to prepare yourself for the day;)

  • You do not have to take time off if your child is ill at home.

  • Dinner is already on the table when you get home. So running to the supermarket is no longer necessary and cooking is no longer necessary.

  • The household small tasks are done.

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